Unleash Your Inner


Overcome Fears * Gain Confidence * Get Artwork You Love.


If you want to create beautiful pictures in a fun relaxed environment, go to Regina. She is so nice and will guide you step by step through everything


Have you ever

  • put everyone else’s needs before your own?

  • felt like since you have your kids, that you lost your sexy “mojo”?

  • stared at the women in the magazines wishing you looked like that?

  • looked in the mirror, and decided that all mirrors needed to be ban from EVERYWHERE?

Are you ready to

  • feel more confident in your own skin?

  • give yourself a little time to put yourself first?

  • have images (of yourself) that you’re like “DAMN she’s hot!”

  • take the risk of how addictive the boudoir experience is?


Most women have their idea of beauty corrupted by the media. I want to help you see yourself from a new perspective while creating a safe space to explore in while we make art.

In turn, you get to feel more in touch with your personal beauty; you get to see yourself from a new perspective, you get to experience the beauty that can be captured through vulnerability.

Sexy Dark Philadelphia Boudoir

Well, hot damn! You are brilliant. Thank you.. You make me look good



But what’s a shoot really like?

When you have a boudoir shoot with me, it’s more like hanging out with a friend (or friends depending on if I have a team present, or if you have someone with you).

We hang out try stuff, laugh… I usually talk to inanimate objects, squeal in delight, and happy dance. In the end we hug like friends, cause, by this point we are… and when you leave, you’re excited to see your pictures because you KNOW we got awesome stuff.

Photo Dec 20, 2 19 34 PM.jpg

The Booking Process


I was afraid of not feeling comfortable being half naked. But that was not a problem at all, Regina made me feel so comfortable and gorgeous at the same time


  1. Get in touch.I’ll get you all the pricing info.

  2. After you pay your session fee to secure your shoot day, I’ll send you some booklets about getting ready. And I’ll give you a little fun homework to get ready for your big day!

  3. On Shoot Day you may start nervous, but you’ll soon forget to be nervous as we laugh and have fun! (We also set our Viewing and Ordering Appointment on shoot day.)

  4. About 2 weeks later you come back to see you images at our Viewing and Ordering. And you get to pick all the images you love and what you want to do with them!

  5. Once your goodies are paid, you’ll get any digital items, and the rest of your artwork goes off to be printed. And I’ll get in touch as soon as your order is ready for pickup!!


Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.