Regina Marie Photography
Regina Marie Photography
boudoir images for women redefining their own beauty

Be shameless in who you are.

Regina is a boudoir photographer based in Philadelphia PA serving badass ladies who are ready to buck the system and shamelessly celebrate their femininity.


Most women have their idea of beauty corrupted by the media. I want to help you see yourself from new perspective while creating a safe space to explore it. In turn, you get to feel more in touch with your personal beauty; more confident and shameless in who you are.

Most women play too small in life. They make themselves into what others need from them, and and shrink anything that will make others uncomfortable. 


Tell me it’s not just me…

I’m tired of playing small to suit other people. I’m tired of feeling like I have to say no when I want to say yes… and vice versa. I’m tired of always being at the bottom of of my to-do list. Of never feeling worthy to have a time to pamper myself.

I’m just TIRED of all the shaming, hating, and drama going on in the world right now. I want to enjoy my rebellions against the status quo, even if they’re only for my personal sanity.

Enter Boudoir Photography 


When you have a boudoir shoot with me, it’s more like hanging out with a friend (or friends depending on if I have a team present, or if you have someone with you).

We hang out try stuff, laugh… I usually talk to inanimate objects, squeal in delight, and happy dance. In the end we hug like friends, cause, by this point we are… and when you leave, you’re excited to see your pictures because you KNOW we got awesome stuff.


So, who the hell am I?

Ok. Obviously, I’m Regina but let’s get to the REAL stuff. I’m a wife of over 20 years now and a mother to 3 daughters ranging from 20-5. We’ve lived aboard sailboats for most of that 20 years, and traveled up and down the east coast and spent 2 years aboard sailing in Central America.

I also have had debilitating anxiety disorders and depression for… well as long as I can remember, due to my CPTSD. Basically, I’ve lived in a state of terror and shame most of my life…

(It’s exhausting, I don’t recommend it.)

I know just how deep the holes of self doubt, body consciousness, and trying to disappear can really be. As I’ve been climbing out of that whole, (another long story), I’ve gotten back in touch with my burning passion, my mission, and my light in the darkness…

Helping other women feel beautiful. I want each of us (myself definitely included) to find ways to feel SHAMELESS in who we are.