Behind the scenes: Getting ready for August photoshoots!

Upcoming shoots: 


I have some really creative shoots coming up! I have a few ladies that will be doing milk baths with me. I will be doing at least one dry ice shoot. Then there’s also a creative boudoir shoot!!  0h, and at least on of the ladies is also interested in doing some film noir style!



For the milk and dry ice shoots, I have fabric on the way. I’ll be making fabric flowers, and may use the rest of the fabric for styling. I’ll also be going outside and cutting back some of our ivy (and maybe something else depending what’s growing/blooming at the time) to bring in some real greenery.



For the noir, I got a prop gun that will be perfect! (Once I get hubby to glue it together for me and clean up the edges...)  


For the milk/dry ice and the boudoir, I’m planning to bring my tulle, and the skirts I’ve made (and am still working on...





  Oh, no.... We're down to only TWO spots left in August!!

Oh, no.... We're down to only TWO spots left in August!!

August fun around Philly!

August is my favorite month. Of course it has the honor of being my birth month!! This year, I’m looking around Philadelphia, (as well as Delaware and New Jersey), for some fun things to do!!



August 5th

Squirrel Nut Zippers



August 9th

Screenings Under the Stars - Black Panther



August 10

The Ghoastly Circus: Dante’s Inferno 


August 14

Night Skies at the Observatory


August 19

Peek-a-boo Revue Yard Sale 


More events added as I find them, so check back and see what other awesome events I’ve found!! 


*I probably won’t be able to attend most of these, but I wish I could!! 


Learning to fly... using Photoshop

Recently I posted this picture on Facebook and it got a whole lot of interest, including some of you asking how I did it... so I will teach you how I learned to fly... using photoshop.


The first (and for me hardest) part of the levitation image was posing. As you can see, I was balancing on a stool. My back was unhappy with trying to do it, but with a little bit of patience and a lot of back arching I was able to get a photo that would work for my experiment.

Ok, I suppose I also should add that to get the picture, I used an intervalometer. What is an intervalometer? It allows my camera to take multiple pictures to do things like timelapse. In my case, I used a program hack, called Magic Lantern. I love it, but it is a "use at your own risk" program that you can load onto your camera...

Anyway, once I got the shot with me in it I wanted to use, I moved myself and the stool out of the shot.

I took these two images into Photoshop. I used the one with me in it as a layer on top of the other. Then, using layer masked, I erased the stool, 

From there it was just color grading the image to my liking... and VOILA, I'm flying!!


I'm actually hoping to use this technique at some point to be able to make an art image that I've been wanting to do for a while. I'm still trying to work out the details of it, but the general concept is a Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and grown up Wendy... It's coming together little by little... but I suppose it's something to feed my Neverland obsession. (I'm actually VERY slowly working on a story about Neverland.)


Anyway, have fun trying this techneque. I'd love to see what YOU come up with... 

OR if you'd like a floatinh/flying/levitating image without any of the photography/photoshop work of it, I'd love to get to help you with it!

Everyone needs a little black (or pink) dress. (Adventures in Tulle - Part 2)


I know almost every little girl (and many a grown woman) daydreams about being a princess, or at least getting to dress up like one occasionally. 

(Hey, so I may do it more than occasionally... don't judge.)

In light of this, I decided to go about starting my studio tulle collection so we can play with them when you come to the studio.

To the right, (or perhaps below if you're on mobile), is a little bit of the black skirt. It's long... Like REALLY long! I think the long layers are something like 5-6 feet long. 

Hey, I wanted to be sure that even my tall friends, (you know who you are), have a skirt that works for them...

Then, this weekend, I went about making the pink skirt. I did make this one shorter. (and it is shorter than I intended, but still totally workable).


Anna in Pink.png

I still have 3 skirts left to make, the grey, the green and the white. The white I'll be tea staining to make it look old, (I'll do that in it's own post)... and I'm thinking of doing a tutorial on the skirts as well if anyone is interested.

I can't truely finish them till I get a sewing machine, (and probably some ribbon to match the tulle for each)... but I still think they turned out pretty well.

What do you think?

Would you like to be photographed in one of these skirts, (or would you like your daughter to be)?  Inquire about your photoshoot today!

Tulle. Glorious Tulle... (Adventures in Tulle)

That's right! I just got more tulle then you can shake a stick at! Yup, 5 whole BOLTS of tulle... (for a total of 600 feet of it). 


Here's the plan... I'm going to be making tulle skirts from it. Tulle skirts are perfect for adding to a nice top to make it look like a gown for your glamorous shoots. It's perfect for using with flowers in your hair for a very romantic/fantasy look...

It's just down right ultra-feminine and I can't wait to start shooting with them!


I will be using the plans laid out by another photographer (who does beautiful feminine fantasy work). It may take me a little bit, as my hands have been hurting a lot, and I don’t have a sewing machine (yet)....  or I may end up going to my moms to borrow hers...

But I have a plan, I have the tulle... and I plan to start using beautiful skirts in my work starting in July!!! 


Are you ready to feel like a princess, (and look as elegant as one in photographs)? 


lets book your shoot today! 


Welcome video!

Hello Ladies!! 

Even though I’m still just in the prep stage, I’m so excited to be getting ready to work with so many amazing women. (Yes, I’m talking about you!)

We’re going to have so much fun   and make some amazing art featuring YOU.

Not only do we have the fun of planning YOUR shoot, but I’m going to be sharing so many goodies, ideas, tips, tricks...  and my own adventures in how the heck to actually do my hair in a way I like. (I’m going to be trying to learn how to do some vintage styles .) 

Like the fun we had playing dress up as kids, only better!