Welcome video!

Hello Ladies!! 

Even though I’m still just in the prep stage, I’m so excited to be getting ready to work with so many amazing women. (Yes, I’m talking about you!)

We’re going to have so much fun   and make some amazing art featuring YOU.

Not only do we have the fun of planning YOUR shoot, but I’m going to be sharing so many goodies, ideas, tips, tricks...  and my own adventures in how the heck to actually do my hair in a way I like. (I’m going to be trying to learn how to do some vintage styles .) 

Like the fun we had playing dress up as kids, only better! 


Model Search


Hello ladies, (and gents too...) 

I am currently looking for 2-3 models. (No experience needed.) 


Your model experience will include:

  • (Pre-shoot) A consultation to where we can discuss our ideas and what we would each like from the shoot.
  • 1 hour Hair and Makeup makeover with an amazing artist to ensure you’re looking your best. 
  • 2 hour Photo Shoot where you get to be the star.
  • (Post Shoot) An in-person viewing where you get to choose your modeling g shots, and purchase any additional images you can’t live without. 


In addition, you will get: 

  • Invites to any and ALL Regina Marie Photography Events. (Hello, awesome things to do with other amazing women!) 
  • Be first to know about any other modeling opportunities. 
  • You and your business (if you have one) will be featured on the blog. 


Ok, that’s a lot...  now to some details.

Seasions are available Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call to get your date reserved, before we’re booked up. (Sundays are available... but for paid shoots only.) 

The shoots will be done at my home studio in Chester, PA. You'll be surprised  and thrilled with what we'll create in my little space.



As a point of reference, here are a couple pictures from my mentor, Sue Bryce, that give a feel of what we will be going for... 
 These portraits by the amazing Sue Bryce.

These portraits by the amazing Sue Bryce.

Regina Marie Photography Grand (re)Opening

Hello ladies!

After two years of traveling outside of the USA, we’re finally coming home!


That’s right! We’re moving back to the tri-state area!  


After years of pursuing my husbands dream of a sailboat life, we’re switching gears. This year begins the year that I embrace my calling of empowering women through portraiture. (Tulle skirts, hair facinators, and perfect posing... here I come!!) 


So, what does this mean for you? 

That NOW is the time to book your shoot! Trust me, you’ll want to get your shoot. As my schedule begins to fill up, it will be both harder to get a booking and more expensive to. And though beautiful portraits are worth every penny and ANY price, there’s always the satisfaction in getting the best work at the best price! 


Call today to get your Photoshoot “on the books”! 



See you soon, 

Regina Marie