Christa’s Beautiful Delaware Maternity Shoot


When I found out my baby sister was pregnant, I was thrilled! She was positively glowing with joy.  She, like many women wanted to have a baby, but had suffered an incomplete pregnancy, which was of course devastating. So this time, she was hopeful but scared. 

As the pregnancy progressed, and it became clear she was going to be able to carry, we began the celebrations!! A new baby I. The family is always amazing, and this time was going to be no different. 

(WARNING: there seems to be something in the water... after my sister, there have been at least 4 pregnancies in family and friends... and those are just the ones I can think of off hand!) 

When we found out, at the end of December, that I was coming home from Central America, I was overjoyed. I hadn’t seen my family in almost 2 years.

Now that we’re home, and setting in, I’m looking forward to being able to continue to photograph Christa and her family as she enters into motherhood. 

Whether in studio or on location, I love getting to photograph woman as they make this amazing life transition. Maternity photos are a great way to hold onto this fleeting moment between being just a woman to becoming a mom.

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Soon to be Mommy and Daddy

Soon to be Mommy and Daddy