Regina Marie Photography Grand (re)Opening

Hello ladies!

After two years of traveling outside of the USA, we’re finally coming home!


That’s right! We’re moving back to the tri-state area!  


After years of pursuing my husbands dream of a sailboat life, we’re switching gears. This year begins the year that I embrace my calling of empowering women through portraiture. (Tulle skirts, hair facinators, and perfect posing... here I come!!) 


So, what does this mean for you? 

That NOW is the time to book your shoot! Trust me, you’ll want to get your shoot. As my schedule begins to fill up, it will be both harder to get a booking and more expensive to. And though beautiful portraits are worth every penny and ANY price, there’s always the satisfaction in getting the best work at the best price! 


Call today to get your Photoshoot “on the books”! 



See you soon, 

Regina Marie


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