1920s and 1930s Boudior?? Yes please! Lingerie Ideas

No, I have to admit, if you haven’t noticed, I have a deep burning love for the romance of history. Now, I would never want to LIVE in those times, but there is a romance to it all. Whether a pinup club, a vintage dance troupe, burlesque, or the RenFaire, I LOVE the idea of getting to play with the aesthetics of the mast in relation to our own times, and reclaim the romance and beauty, with the independence our mother and grandmothers helped fight to get us with their very lives.


Please remember vintage items are whatever size or condition they’re in. I’m just looking at these as ideas to help inspire your search for some vintage sexy goodness.

Stunning lace and silk peach vintage 30s robe gown kimono.jpg

lace and silk peach vintage 30s robe

The romance of the past wrapped around you

1930's Style Long Nightgown.jpg

30s style nightgown

this silk 30s style nightgown looks like it’d be amazing.

20s Coral-Pink Statement Dress.jpg

1920s Vintage Statement Dress

It’s damages and not intended to be worn, but isn’t it amazing!


Velvet and (Faux) Fur 1920s style robe

When I saw these I almost DIED! I immediately began tracking down the woman that’s making them, cause I didn’t know her yet, but I KNEW I already loved her! (We’re FB friends now!)

vintage bralette and tap pants.jpg

vintage peach bralette and tap pants

A cute little set from the 30s.

1920's Teddie Pink Cotton with Aged Ecru Old Lace.jpg

1920's Teddy

Pink Cotton with Aged Ecru Old Lace

Beige garter belt lingerie set.jpg

Long Lace Bralette lingerie

Samon Lingerie Set.jpg

Peach lingerie set

with stockings gloves and a headband, we could make this so 1920s that it almost hurts (so good).

With a little searching on Etsy, and/or Amazon you could put together an amazing 20s-30s themed set ow a whole shoot. With a little help from one of my talented Hair and Makeup Artists to help you get the perfect combination of vintage and modern to suit you.

Regina SteedFord