I think I'm going to be permanently on the naughty list.

I’ve done it now.

I think I’ve found myself on the permanent naughty list.

You see, I was good as a kid. Then, I turned 18, and in traditional Catholic schoolgirl fashion, I went WILD! And if I’m being honest with you, I went REALLY wild. Like surprised I’m still alive kind of wild.

When we left all of the scenes we were part of, we found a new way to rebel and buck the system. We dropped out even further then we already had been. We moved aboard a sailboat. That was our life, off and on, for the last 19 or so years…


All of this leads be back to what I was originally saying… the naughty list… yes…

After everything I’ve been through, everything I’ve seen, , I have a different insight then most other photographers, (even boudoir photographers).

I do like photographing the light and playful side of things. I do! However, there is so much more to the depth of sensuality and the erotic than that one little aspect. There is so much for my ladies to explore within themselves, and I want to hold that space for exploration.

I also realize that relationships come in more flavors than just “couples” when you want to be photographed intimately. Close friendships that aren’t quite couples, triads, and who knows what else…

That’s right, Santa. I make commissioned erotic artwork. If that means the naughty list, I hope I’ll find the most amazing women (like the ladies reading this) to join me on the naughty list as we make the sexiest art that Santa ever blushed at!

(I am now booking for February 2019! Are you ready to feel sexy in the new year?! Email me for pricing and more info.)

Regina SteedFord