Everyone needs a little black (or pink) dress. (Adventures in Tulle - Part 2)


I know almost every little girl (and many a grown woman) daydreams about being a princess, or at least getting to dress up like one occasionally. 

(Hey, so I may do it more than occasionally... don't judge.)

In light of this, I decided to go about starting my studio tulle collection so we can play with them when you come to the studio.

To the right, (or perhaps below if you're on mobile), is a little bit of the black skirt. It's long... Like REALLY long! I think the long layers are something like 5-6 feet long. 

Hey, I wanted to be sure that even my tall friends, (you know who you are), have a skirt that works for them...

Then, this weekend, I went about making the pink skirt. I did make this one shorter. (and it is shorter than I intended, but still totally workable).


Anna in Pink.png

I still have 3 skirts left to make, the grey, the green and the white. The white I'll be tea staining to make it look old, (I'll do that in it's own post)... and I'm thinking of doing a tutorial on the skirts as well if anyone is interested.

I can't truely finish them till I get a sewing machine, (and probably some ribbon to match the tulle for each)... but I still think they turned out pretty well.

What do you think?

Would you like to be photographed in one of these skirts, (or would you like your daughter to be)?  Inquire about your photoshoot today!