Beauty doesn't come with age limits


Maggie got in touch because she was doing something brave. She was pursuing an interest she left by the wayside any years ago. (How many of us have done that?! I know I've left some behind that I'm trying to rediscover.) Maggie's wayward interest; Theater!

Maggie need a headshot for the playbill. It had been over 30 years since Maggie had graced the stage, and a lot changes in that time. We needed to come up with a headshot that suits a woman in her 60s. Something that is simple, beautiful, and that she can recognize herself in.

She had intended to get one, maybe two images. 

However, with as much fun as we had on the shoot, and how beautiful the images where, instead, she fell in love with over 10 images.

I'm hoping to see Maggie again this year for more photos, as I invited her to bring her two best girlfriends in with her for her next shoot.

Folio Box Package.png

How beautiful would it be to have beautiful portraits done to commemorate friendships that have truly become a sisterhood. A makeover for each of you, so you look and feel your best. And we will capture both individual portraits as well as ones of you together giving you a treasure to last your lifetime and beyond.

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