I swear I’m not a serial killer, I’m just a boudoir photographer.


“I have an idea. I want you to come over to my house, and lay down in my bathtub in your nightgown, while I fill it with water and milk.”


I know. I know.

It makes me sound like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs.

(I was petrified she’d notice the resemble too.)


When I mention it, I try to play it cool...

Of course, it's perfectly normal to tell someone that.

Oh, yeah... I totally know what I'm doing, done it a million times, (in my head).

(See it goes sounding all psycho again.)


And inside, of course, I'm just praying that she doesn't, in fact, think I'm a serial killer.


Somehow she missed all the serial killer warnings, (we need to talk about that, Sophia), and she showed up in all her redheaded glory. This was before I was in Philadelphia, so she had to drive all the way down to Chester.


I wrapped her in green tulle and a big full matching skirt and we were off to a beautiful relationship!


Then she pulled out the star of her show, (the pink vintage nightgown), and I pulled out mine, the Victorian claw-foot bathtub! Two gallons of milk and about half a bathtub of warm water later we were making beautiful art together


Ok. Lets talk for a moment about this amazing (and trusting) woman. Sophia is a hospice nurse, and if that’s not enough she’s also the VP of the PA Liberty Belles Pinup Club. It’s a vintage pinup themed club that does all kinds of charity work and raising money for different programs.


Speaking of the Belle’s you should go check out their calendar!!

…No really…

…I’ll wait…

Isn’t it amazing! If you didn’t get one you should go back and get it!


Now I know I’m not living with that beautiful tub anymore, (I miss it already)… But I do have an amazing new place in Kensington! (That’s a neighborhood in Philadelphia for those that don’t know.) I can’t wait for you to see it! One of the things I love about it… the landlord has given us nearly unlimited artistic expression within the place. You can expect that will become more and more intriguing over the next year or so.


What do you think? Should I get another tub like this ASAP??