I conducted an experiment

My heart was pounding as I desperately ran around the house in a flurry. Cleaning, sweeping, moving furniture, changing sheets… and finally collapsing on a chair exhausted, yet filled with excited. anxious energy…

This was my first portfolio building open studio event…

My mind was racing, and honestly I didn’t think anyone would show up… “What id no one shows up? what if a bunch of people show up? Oh my god, what am I doing?!?” Then a calming thought came over me. “If no one shows, I’ll just do some more self-portrait work, and I’ll experiment like that.”

Only minutes later there was a knock at the gate.

Marianna came in with arms full. We’d only met online, which is the way it is with many of you… Over the next hour or so, no one else arrived, which meant we got to spend all that time getting to play and experiment.

Amanda and Terrance showed up. Marianna and I played a little longer while Amanda got ready and my hubby kept Terrance occupied. We wrapped up, and it was Amanda’s turn. Marianna showed up an online acquaintance and left a friend, (a fairly common thing).

Amanda and I played with her Christmas outfit a little, before we brought Terrance back to rejoin the little picture party. He was a joyful participant knowing he would end up with sexy pictures to enjoy. I really enjoyed getting to work with a couple. They got to have a little sexy time that (I hope) will lead to lots MORE sexy time.

Though I only had two ladies show up, I consider the experiment a success! I got awesome images, got to meet a couple of awesome chicks… and had a damn great time!

Regina SteedFord