Do you use Photoshop ? RMP retouching

There are so many photographers, and just as many ways to retouch images (and ideas behind why). I had been asked about this, and thought it was a great question. (And as we all know, if one person asked, at least 10 more are wondering and just haven’t asked!)



To be blunt, yes I do. Ok, let me tell you about what I do, and why...


I start by picking the best of the images. Those get color corrected, straighten, and cropped just so. It then goes into photoshop.  

In photoshop, I first make sure your skin is looking good. Then I go to the know things I wanted to do. (I sometimes have you pose in such a way that makes one part look fantastic but another part not so much… (Like arms in tight for a cleavage shot… but it makes the arms look bigger then they are.) And sometimes, I’m fixing lens distortion.

However, with what I do, the point is that you look like you. (And I get to show you just how beautiful and amazing you are!!) In the end, you have a (surprisingly?) fun experience that boosts your confidence, and beautiful bespoke artwork that you love!

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