Do you use Photoshop ? RMP retouching

There are so many photographers, and just as many ways to retouch images (and ideas behind why). I had been asked about this, and thought it was a great question. (And as we all know, if one person asked, at least 10 more are wondering and just haven’t asked!)



To be blunt, yes I do. Ok, let me tell you about what I do, and why...


I start by picking the best of the images. Those get color corrected, straighten, and cropped just so. It then it goes to my retoucher. (A fabulous retoucher who is married to and also works for one of the best photographers in Canada!)

In photoshop, he first make sure your skin is looking fabulous. Then he goes to the know things I wanted him to touch up. (I sometimes have you pose in such a way that makes one part look fantastic but another part not so much… (Like arms in tight for a cleavage shot… but it makes the arms look bigger then they are.) And sometimes, fixing lens distortion. However, the point is that you look like you. (And I get to show you just how beautiful and amazing you are!!)

When he sends them back, I take them into a program called Lightroom (by the same company as Photoshop), and I give them my very own artistic touch of magic.

In the end, you have a (surprisingly?) fun experience that boosts your confidence, and beautiful bespoke artwork that you love!

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