My Bookshelf - 10 fabulous books to get your shit together and feel better

A little girl stood screaming, her brother had taken her doll and was running circles around her as the rest of her siblings joined in the yelling and running. Two feet away, a man sat looking defeated. The children completely overran him. Dad was WAY outnumbered by the 5 hyper, and very loud offspring.

A train rushed up. People filed on and off. Suddenly, the father and children were nearly alone in the subway station. As it refilled, everyone kept their distance. The irritation of the other waiting passengers was palatable.

I’m sure you get it. People letting their kids run wild in public, enclosed spaces makes life uncomfortable for everyone around. It’s NORMAL to dislike disruptions! And a pack of feral children is DEFINITELY a disruption!

But then we get to the twist…

A woman strides over, full of knowing.

“Excuse me sir. You need to get these children in hand.”

“She’s gone,” he whispers nearly inaudibly

“Excuse me?"

“Their mother,” he said a little louder, “she just died two hours ago.” He looked up at the woman who had come over to reprimand him. He looked up with tearful eyes. “How do we go on?”

Each of us see the world through our own perspective, call it a set of glasses… Occasionally, something happens that allows us additional information that changes the whole way we see something… maybe even the whole world! This is what we call a Paradigm Shift.

For me, these book are what helped me with creating MY Paradigm Shift, and I wanted to share them with you!


This is the book I read every year or so. It’s one that’s all beat up as I take it everywhere with me… and in fact, it’s the book that I took off the boat with me when we shipwrecked.

The Alchemist
By Paulo Coelho

Oh… Brene… It was her work that I dove into after the shipwreck. I ate up her books one by one… they fed my soul and let me know I wasn’t alone. Brene’s work on shame and vulnerability helped me see that there was more then just hope, there was a path.


This is one that I came across some how some way… I know it was while we were in Maine.

Anyway, this book is AMAZING at helping break the taboos around women’s sexuality! I LOVE this book!! I’ve bought it a few times because I adore having it in my library!


Oh, Eckhart Tolle… I read this one a when I was 30… (so, shit… been over 10 years!)

It was my first real introduction to zen, and a book that kept me going for a long time. This book is actually the reason I have “Now” tattooed on my wrist. The constant reminder that NOW is the only moment I can be in. (Until time travel of course!)


Then for my 40th birthday, I realized I was on this AMAZING trip, a once in a lifetime adventure… and I couldn’t even get out of bed most days. I felt irreparably broken… Something NEEDED to change. I began diving into information about people with mental illness like me. The more I discovered, the better I felt. I started understanding WHY things happen to/in me… It made it less scary, and because of that, easier to start really examining.

It’s an ongoing process, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get to a point of being functional like society thinks we’re supposed to. But I’m learning to accept who and how I am, and finding appreciation for what I CAN do.



I thought that since some of you are also in business, I’d throw in a few of the business books I really like. (Honestly I could do a whole other blog post on business books…. I LOVE them!)



And this is one that I DON’T have but I REALLY want to get!

Cora has the blog, I peek at it regularly, and check in with her FB group even more often!

What are YOUR favorite books that helped you change how you feel about yourself and the world around you??