8 Questions You want to Secretly Ask Your Boudoir Photographer

Things you want to ask a boudoir photographer.png

Question 1: How much grooming do I need to do?

First off… if you’re an au naturale kind of girl, by all means. Let’s do that.

However, if you’re a grooming type, you’ll want to make sure that you are well groomed. I’m not about to make a full bush seem waxed. Speaking of waxing, if you wax, make sure it’s a few days before… as you don’t want your skin red and tender. (Also, waxing eyebrows also gives a lovely finished look.)

Since we’re talking about prep stuff, not only should you shave or wax, (if that’s your thing), but you’ll want to think about your nails as well. Even if you’re not a “get her nails done” type… you should thing about a mani-pedi! (Good excuse to do something nice for yourself, and your nails will look lovely in your images.) It’s little things that really help make images look their best…

Question 2: Do you use Photoshop? How much retouching do you do?

I actually use a couple pieces of software to help create your images.

The first is Lightroom, I use it to look at all the images and sort them, and do basic editing. (Things like white balance, nuance the exposure, things like that.)

I then take the image into Photoshop. In Photoshop I do the retouching, I get rid of blemishes, smooth skin color. I smooth the bumps that fabric makes when it bunches. I make sure anything that should be covered is… (like if a nip is peeking and shouldn’t be). And I will sometimes make compensation for perspective distortion.

You WILL look like you, however, I make sure through our on set work and through Photoshop, that the things you find to be distractions are minimized, and all your beauty shines though.

Question 3: How do you handle “problem” areas?

This brings me back to what I touched on in the last question. Areas that you feel uncomfortable with will be minimized through posing, use of props and environment, and some will be handles through Photoshop. And some things might not really be the problem area you think it is… it might just be that you haven’t seen it from the right perspective.

Question 4: I don’t feel very sexy. How are you going to get me into sexy poses?

First off, we’re going to work together to make sure your comfortable. That goes a long way to creating the environment needed to get things going. When you’re relaxed, I guide you through poses.

In fact, This year, I’ll be working on Pose Cards… These cards will help us plan out your shoot, let you know what I want you to do my seeing it, and give you the opportunity to participate more in what poses you like, and what you’re not fond of (or can’t do). We can then spend more time in the fun, getting comfortable part… and less on the “What should I do?” part.

Question 5: Are you judging me?

Honestly, yes… but it’s not at all what you think. It’s judging you based on the strength I’m seeing through your vulnerability. The woman who just wants to be seen and loved for who she is. I see the woman trying to care for everyone else, knowing she’s last on the list… yet she keeps going… And here she is, in her moments of self-care and pampering spending that time with me. Coming bravely forth to say I want to feel glorious in my own skin… and I do judge… because that’s that I see.

I see the woman who has fought to get to that day… and the endless possibilities ahead… a future she gets to choose.

I just hope the moments we spend will help her choose the paths that more her towards self-love.

Question 6: How “sexy” are we going to get?

I highly encourage everyone (all women) to do at least a little bit of their shoot nude. They can be images that just imply that you’re nude, (where you can’t really see anything). However, the experience itself can be very empowering.

Your images however, can be anything from sweet and cute, to very artistic and erotic. Where we go with the shoot is entirely up to you.

Question 7: How can I prepare for my session?

Above are some of the suggestions for body hair grooming and nails. You’ll also want to make sure your hair is freshly colored, (if you color your hair). If you’ll be using my hair and makeup artist, you’ll want to come in with clean dry hair, and clean moisturized skin.

In addition to any lingerie, and clothes you’d like to bring, make sure you bring a pair of black and a pair of nude undies, as well as nude and black heels and of course jewelry.

Depending on what we’ve talked about, you may what to bring anything that’s very special to you, or to you and your Significant Other.

Question 8: What if I just don’t look good on camera?

I totally get feeling that way! Actually, I usually feel this way too, and have plenty of photographs to prove it. However, I’ve been studying the art and craft of photographing women for the last 10 years. I’ve come to believe that there are a couple contributing factors to this.

The first being that snapshots usually look like crap. The person taking the photo is caught up in the special moment they’re wanting to remember. They aren’t paying attention to lighting, and if the angle is flattering… They’re in a moment of joy.

Unfortunately, the joy doesn’t show up as a filter on the film to show you what the person really saw. So, when you see it, you look at the image, not the joy and emotional attachment… and UGH…

The other is that we hyper-focus on the things we don’t like. (For instance I don’t like my nose… But unless I get a nose job, it ain’t going away.).

And then you get these two things working in conjunction. (Now, the lighting and angle from my loving family taking a snapshot, make my nose look HUGE… and I want to burn every picture of me in existence.)

Knowing these two things, we can talk about those things that you don’t like, or make you uncomfortable… We can pose you in ways that don’t emphasize that part. We can light you in ways that draw attention away to other things you DO like…

…Suddenly, you have a picture of yourself you actually LIKE (or maybe love).

Learning to do this is why I’ve spent 10 years studying, and continue to learn constantly. I want you to have photos that you smile then you thing about and remember it’s you!

Regina SteedFord