Do I have to get naked?!?

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The short answer is NO. You don’t have to get naked.




There is power in the vulnerability of standing naked in front of another person, and being accepted as you are. Even if we don’t do pictures of you naked, there is a magic in allowing yourself to BE yourself.

What will getting naked at your shoot do?

 •Allow is to break the ice of someone seeing you. Just doing it makes everything else seem easier.

• It helps battle body consciousness. When you can have a “normal” conversation while naked, it’s a powerful experience.

• You can choose how much you can show. Even being naked, we can ensure you are as covered as you need to be. Whether you choose to have “implied nude” style, (where you can see that you don’t have clothes on, but can’t see bums, boobs or crotch) all the way to... well anything really.


So, no... you don’t HAVE to, however, it can actually add to your experience.



Interested in ideas of what you should wear? 

Check this blog post!

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