What do I do with my images from Regina Marie Photography?

Folio Box Package.png

When getting photos done, one question you need to ask yourself is "what do I want to do with the images?". 

Most people know they would like digital images, both for social sharing as well as preservation. (At Regina Marie Photography you get digital versions of every image you buy.) However, just the digital still leaves something to be desired. There's something about holding something beautiful in your hand, about seeing it on the wall...

That's where I can help even more! When you purchase an image, in addition to the digital file, you also get a beautiful 7x10 print (matted to fit in an 11x14 frame).

Though I do have other products, (like larger wall prints, and a 9 image framed wall collection), the 7x10 prints are my bread & butter product.

AND when you purchase 10+ images, you get a beautiful black clamshell storage box for your images.

beautiful printed image from Regina Marie Photography