Saving the World One Animal at a Time


Meet Sheridan!

Ok, I met Sheridan whole we were still on the sailing trip. I remember Alan coming home after a cruiser's dinner meetup, (yeah, I totally bailed on it), and telling me about another cruising couple, and the woman was a veterinarian! 

HOW COOL IS THAT! I couldn't get it out of my head! What a great thing to do, and what a great brand! Does she have a youtube channel?? (I was very focused on youtube sailing channels... because that's what I was doing!)

Turns out, yes she does!!

So, a couple months later, I saw starting to look for women to photograph, (because I realized even sailing Central America couldn't make me happy if I couldn't do what I loved), and I heard they were coming into the same small town port we were in! (It's a small world, trust me!)


Lets find out more from Sheridan herself!


What made you want to become a veterinarian?

I wanted to be a veterinarian since I was 5, I would carry frogs around in my pocket all day. I don’t know exactly what made me decide to be a veterinarian but I have always wanted to help animals and it really is all I ever dreamed of becoming!


How do you find animals to help while traveling?

We find animals in lots of different ways - in more remote areas we simply turn up and announce we are there to help. Often this leads to many days of veterinary work with the local cats and dogs. Other times it’s organized in advance - for example, I contacted a lot of wildlife sanctuaries and zoos in Panama and organized to give a lecture on basic zoo and wildlife medicine for any veterinarian who would like to attend, for free. We have over forty vets, nurses and animal workers turn up which was awesome!

What kind of care do you give?

We give a variety of care but for domestic animals, we primarily do Spay and neuter campaigns to help reduce overpopulation, which has a knock on effect to help reduce the animals hunting wildlife, reduces disease prevalence and improves the welfare. During these campaigns, we treat any diseases we see and administer parasite treatment to all the animals. I also offer more specialized care and training for veterinarians in developing countries that might like to learn more, I worked with exotic animals and wildlife in the past so have helped teach veterinarians how to adapt their skills to better care for their wild patients!

What made you decide to help animals while you travel?

Joel has always wanted to sail, and we finally decided to just go for it. But he knows how passionate I am about veterinary medicine and had worked a lot with charities and doing volunteer work. I always get happier when working for free! So we decided not only would we sail around living the dream but I would also set up a mini-clinic on board and do volunteer vet work as we travel. It’s been an amazing opportunity, we are well Chuffed

And one for me, (because I’m zombie obsessed), what is your zombie survival plan?

Mmm zombie apocalypse... well we have the boat which is a plus, and we always make sure there is 3 months of supplies on board that could easily be stretched for 6 months. And we have fishing gear, Spears, rope and lots of survival equipment. So I would sail away to a super remote island, preferably uninhabited and set up a new life there! Maybe picking up a few stray dogs on the way to keep us company! We could live off the land and I am yet to see a zombie movie where the zombies can swim