Tulle. Glorious Tulle... (Adventures in Tulle)

That's right! I just got more tulle then you can shake a stick at! Yup, 5 whole BOLTS of tulle... (for a total of 600 feet of it). 


Here's the plan... I'm going to be making tulle skirts from it. Tulle skirts are perfect for adding to a nice top to make it look like a gown for your glamorous shoots. It's perfect for using with flowers in your hair for a very romantic/fantasy look...

It's just down right ultra-feminine and I can't wait to start shooting with them!


I will be using the plans laid out by another photographer (who does beautiful feminine fantasy work). It may take me a little bit, as my hands have been hurting a lot, and I don’t have a sewing machine (yet)....  or I may end up going to my moms to borrow hers...

But I have a plan, I have the tulle... and I plan to start using beautiful skirts in my work starting in July!!! 


Are you ready to feel like a princess, (and look as elegant as one in photographs)? 


lets book your shoot today!