What does a boudoir photographer do for her 21st wedding anniversary?

Of course I’m sure the answer itself is obvious… A boudoir shoot!

However, I decided to be daring and do a kind of shoot I have not done in a LONG time. A nude and erotic shoot. Now we didn’t get many erotic pictures (this time?), as we were… distracted, however I am tickled with how my nudes turned out.

Just like you, I too get nervous when the camera comes out. I worry about all the places that are curvy where it should be flat, and flat where it should be curvy. Now, usually doing something like this, I would do what most women would do. I would do my hair and makeup (or have it done), and face this with trepidation. I reminded my (client) self that it will be ok, and that I trust that my photographer self has learned enough about posing and composition that I would be able to get good pictures… even if I was working with a 10 second timer.

Granted, parting like a rock star last night is definitely taking it’s toll. However, I’m glad that this temporary rock star also got some pictures that we’re going to love and look back on for a long time. (After all, it was our 21st wedding anniversary!

Without any more ado.

Some of the highlights of my shoot!