About Creative Mini Photo Shoots 

Creative Mini Photo Shoots with Regina Maria Photography are a fun way to do creative – sometimes crazy – photo shoots. These photo shoots are affordable and themed shoots. In other words, if you want gorgeous pictures that are less expensive than a full shoot, or want to do unique photo shoots often, these photo shoots are for you. Keep track of the themes to see when you should schedule your photo shoot. Don't hesitate because these unique shoots book up quickly!

The Experience

These mini photo shoots are less like a full shoot with hair, makeup and multiple outfits and sets, and more like doing something amazing and memorable with a friend. You know the friend that comes up with crazy weird things to try, and things usually work out for them? That's what I aim to be. 

"Hey Sophia, let me toss you in my bathtub and fill it with milk and warm water and put you in it, dressed, with a whole bunch of flowers and stuff."   

"Judy, I'm thinking chocolate syrup." 

 "Oh, Jacque, yes! Bring the fantasy horns to the next shoot!" 

Yeah, I admit I am that crazy friend.

Previous creative mini photo shoots have been milk baths, film noir, dry ice, and black & white.

You come over to my home studio, or the location I'm shooting at. Spend some time hanging out, doing some fun, sometimes weird stuff, and go home.

Hair and makeup is NOT included in these shoots. (If you'd like it done you can get it done free or cheaply at some beauty counters, or I can put you in touch with one of my makeup artists and you can hire her for your shoot.)

Within 4 weeks, I have a gallery of images for you to pick your favorites. You only buy what you love!

The Cost

Each Mini Session has it’s own cost, prices available on the Mini Session’s Page.