I totally get it! I know boudoir photos are a pretty intimate thing, and it’s not something you want to do with just anyone. You want someone who’s going to make you feel comfortable, someone you can trust, someone you get, and most importantly, someone who gets YOU, and can help you through the whole boudoir experience. That kind of trust isn’t built in a day. I have a few ways for you to get to know me better. Here are my best two.


Regina’s Boudoir

This is my private vip group on facebook. It’s my little community of amazing women, and where I hang out.


The Boudoir Survival Guide

This is an email series to give you all kinds of tips and tricks to not just survive your shoot experience, but to totally rock it! And if you’re interested in even MORE, there are some links and resources in the emails for additional boudoir rocking info!

In addition to all this, you also get my current pricing guide to give you an idea of the investment cost.