Payment Options

It would be nice if everyone had enough money to get what they want outright… I know I wish I could!! But let’s be realistic, there are bills to pay, and kids to feed, and fuel to buy, and… and… and…

I believe you still need to get pictures even if you do have a lot going on, which is why I have created a few additional options.

Option 1:

Pay in full.

Whether in cash, debit or with credit card, this is the fastest easiest way to get everything you want from your photo shoot experience.

Option 2:

PayPal Credit

This is actually a half-half deal. With PayPal credit, PayPal extends you a new line of credit. You make your monthly payments, I get paid immediately. Best of all, just like with option 1, you get your products as soon as they’re ready!

Option 3:

Boudie Bank

This is another take on the payment plan, but it lets you start saving up BEFORE your photo shoot! Imagine this, your 40th birthday is coming up, but it’s still 6 months away. Not knowing what you’ll want yet, you decide that you’ll start with the lowest package. So for the next 6 months you make a monthly payment toward your photoshoot of only $167. The day of your photoshoot comes, and all you have to worry about is having a good time. On the day we meet to show you your images is just as stress free! No need to worry about how much it’s going to cost, it’s already paid for… now you just need to decide if there’s any other products you’d like!

Option 4:


And of course there’s the layaway payment plan. Layaway payment plans are available to any client that spends at least $500. With this option, you make your first payment on the ordering appointment. When you are done with the payment arrangement, I will order your beautiful products, and let you know as soon as they are ready to be picked up!