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You are beautiful and worthy as you are!

Step out of the shadows and learn to see yourself in a new light. 


 Philadelphia Boudoir Portfolio

All images are used with permission of my beautiful clients. I’m committed to your privacy.


About Regina

To learn more about me, you can head over to the about page here to get all kinds of juicy tidbits! But just to get to know me a little

  • I am a mother, wife, feminist and mental health advocate.

  • Lived and traveled on a sailboat for the majority of the last 20 years. Yup. I’m the closest to a real pirate you’ll probably ever meet.

  • I am an accidental cat mom. I didn’t want animals, but my family opened the door to a couple strays, one of which has become an amazing house cat (Princess), and one who is indoor/outdoor (Carl) who loves to hollar at us!

  • Shortly after turning 18, I became an exotic dancer. (Ok, I was a stripper, ok. LOL) I danced at both nude clubs and topless clubs. It taught me a level of being comfortable in my skin I didn’t know existed.


When you take all those things about me and mush it all together, you end up with a woman who believes, through and through, in a woman’s beauty. I have lived with shame, fear, unworthiness and just plan not knowing how to connect. I use all of that understanding to create an environment where you can feel confident.

One of the best compliments a woman can give me (other then loving her pictures, of course), is letting me know how comfortable she was in her shoot. When a woman is in lingerie or naked, with a camera in the room AND comfortable… That’s a WIN!


The Experience