What is Photo Therapy?

Hello my darling, and thank you for coming to check out my new project. (Yes, another one...) 

I'm titling this one Photo Therapy...

So, what is Photo Therapy?

Well, it had nothing to do with actual therapy! Let's get that one out there right away!

Photo Therapy will be like a little party. We'll have a few friends all get together to dress up and play together. We can try some creative ideas, as well as simple, beautiful posing...

In the end, you'll have spent a little time, hanging out with friends, learn a little about posing for your body, and get a few pictures as my way of saying thank you. 

My goal with Photo Therapy is to be able to practice my posing and lighting in a friendly, no-pressure situation, as well as reacclimating to being around people. (I'm usually a very reclusive person, and I want to work on becoming comfortable being around people in general, as well as directing people.)