Hello my darling, and thank you for coming to check out my new project. (Yes, another one...) 

I'm titling this one Photo Therapy...


Photo Therapy

Photos, Friends and Creativity

what is Photo Therapy?


Well, it had nothing to do with actual therapy! Let's get that one out there right away!

Photo Therapy will be like a little party. We'll have a few friends all get together to dress up and play together. We can try some creative ideas, as well as simple, beautiful posing...

In the end, you'll have spent a little time, hanging out with friends, learn a little about posing for your body, and get a few pictures as my way of saying thank you.

My goal with Photo Therapy is to be able to practice my posing and lighting in a friendly, no-pressure situation, as well as re-acclimating to being around people. (I'm usually a very reclusive person, and I want to work on becoming comfortable being around people in general, as well as directing people.)  



What's the cost of coming to play at Photo Therapy?

This is always the trick question... how much will it cost....

The short answer is nothing. Coming over and letting me photograph you, and hanging out with the rest of the therapy group... It's free... Yes, free. This takes all the pressure off me to have to perform. With money involved, there's always a level of pressure. The whole point of this is to NOT have that pressure... Just friends (or friends in the making) spending time, listening to music, and subjecting your body to the contortions of beautiful portraiture.

Now, if you would like to do something more creative, it will cost... but it won't be paying me. Instead, you would be paying for supplies to get what's needed for the shoot. If it's something that isn't used up at the end of the shoot, and you choose to donate it to the studio, I will pay with a print of your favorite image from out shoot!


What should I bring to Photo Therapy?

CLOTHES: You will want to bring at least 2 outfits. I suggest 4 or 5 just to have lots of options. You want different necklines to choose from, and no patterns, (or not loud patterns at least). Texture is great (go ahead and bring on the lace and brocades if you have them). Modern clothes, vintage/pinup clothes, reenactment costuming... if you have something interesting that could be fun..... bring it!  

SHOES: Feet usually don't make it into my shots, so don't worry about it. You can be in shoes or running around barefoot, we're all good there!


Creative Shoots

If you'd like to do a creative shoot there are extra things to bring...

Milk Bath - For trying a milk bath, we're going to need flowers and 2 gallons of milk. If you bring fake flowers, and let me keep them, I will pay you back with a matted print of your favorite image from the Session.

Dry Ice - Similar to the milk baths, we need flowers (and I'll "pay" for pastel fake flowers with a printed, matted print of your favorite image from our session. However, instead of milk, I will need you to bring a few pounds of dry ice.


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