2019 Pricing Guide


My Favorite Printing Options

Here are a few of my customers favorite
ways to show off their images for years to come.


 The Artist’s Folio

Starting at $999

An 11x14 sexy treasure box filled with 7x10 matted images

This is the prefect option for the lady who wants to display images… sometimes. (Hey, a girl’s aloud to have her secrets!) Whether you display them, keep them hidden away or, gift them them to a special someone. The Artist’s Folio gives you a treasure box full of sexy!


Heirloom Albums

Starting at $800

These beautiful, simple albums sit back and let you be the star! Whether you choose my basic linen album, or the ever so luxurious leather album, you can be sure your images will look stunning.

Double Spread Heirloom Album


Wall Art

Starting at - $445

With three options of finishes, Canvas, Metal or Acrylic, we can find just the right artwork for your home.

(Not sure where to hang sexy art? Walk-In closets are perfect for art, as is a master bedroom. And if the kids are already out of the house, be bold and lets make a piece for other rooms as well!)


Creative Fee

Solo Session


Couples/Poly Session


Product Packages


12x12 Luxury Leather Album (40 pages and 60 images).

8x8 Leather Lover Book

20x30 & 16x20 Wall Image Gallery

4x6 proofs

Both web-ready digitals and printable versions of album images

30% of a la carte items



10x10 Luxury Leather Album (30 pages and 40 images).

20x30 Wall Image

4x6 proofs and web-ready digitals of album images

20% of a la carte items



10x10 Beautiful Linen Book (30 pages and 40 images).

16x20 Wall Image

4x6 proofs and web-ready digitals of album images

15% of a la carte items



8x8 Beautiful Linen Book (20 pages and 30 images)

web-ready digitals of album images

10% of a la carte items



I know this is a large investment. To make this more accessible to more women, I’ve searched high and low for options to assist with financing.

That’s right!!




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