2019 Pricing Guide


Creative Fee

Boudoir Photo Session $200

  • The creative fee covers your consultation,

  • your hair and makeup artist,

  • Use of the studio wardrobe

  • Up to 90 minutes for the photoshoot

  • Styling and posing during your shoot

  • Editing for your images

  • Your Ordering Appointment

(prints, products or digital files are purchased separately) 

Double Spread Heirloom Album

Heirloom Albums starting at $800

These beautiful, simple albums sit back and let you be the star! Whether you choose my basic linen album, or the ever so luxurious leather album, you can be sure your images will look stunning.

Wall Art Starting at - $445

With three options of finishes, Canvas, Metal or Acrylic, we can find just the right artwork for your home.

(Not sure where to hang sexy art? Walk-In closets are perfect for art, as is a master bedroom. And if the kids are already out of the house, be bold and lets make a piece for other rooms as well!)

 Artist’s Box starting at $1599

10 beautifully matted images with a clam shell Artist’s Box. Perfect for saving, gifting or displaying one at a time.

folio box.png

You can expect to spend about $1400+ on your boudoir experience.

I know this is a large investment. To make this more accessible to more women, I’ve searched high and low for options to assist with financing. That’s right!!



The Boudie Bank

This program allows you to save up for your photoshoot BEFORE your shoot! That’s right! We can start your payment plan early so you can come to the shoot and not have to think about money, cause you know your basic package is paid for! The minimum for this option is $1000 ($200 creative fee and $800 basic album.)


Paypal Credit

Our first possible option after the Boudie Bank is Paypal Credit. Similar to any other credit extension, from my end it works the same as cash or credit card, and processing your order can happen as soon as all is approved.

From your end, similar to any credit or loan, you will have your regular payments and your payment agreement with be with Paypal.


(Post) Payment Plan

For this option, the $200 for the creative fee is still due by the session date, however, at the ordering appointment we will total up your order and work out the payment/length of plan details. Unfortunately, this option means a delay in getting your products, as none can be ordered until the plan is paid off.


Meet Regina

I figure this is the part where I should introduce myself, though I figure most of you already know me by now… in case you don’t…

I’m the “Regina Marie” in Regina Marie Photography. I’m a wife and mother, (been married for 20+ years, our eldest is 20 and youngest is 5… so I’ve seen ALL the stages of being “mom”). I also have anxiety disorders out the wazoo! I totally GET any and all worries and concerns! (And yet I’ve done some crazy adventuring… who’d have thought…)

I’ve been studying photography for 10+ years now and just about all of that has been focused on photographing women. It’s my mission to help you get back in touch with who you are outside of being a wife and mom. I want you to have a few hours to focus on having a good time and getting to explore your “sexy side”.

I can’t wait to get to spend some time getting to hang out, play with being sexy, and maybe even tell you some stories about sailing Central America, or the latest crafting projects I’m doing for the studio!

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