Videos From Regina

I know you want to know more about Regina Marie Photography and how your photoshoot will happen. That's why I made these videos to give you a little taste of all the excitement and pampering you're in for!

One of my fun things to do, in addition to boudoir sessions, is my Creative Mini Photo Shoots. They’re themed monthly shoots. This video is from one of my Grecian Goddess mini shoot.


Please welcome Elizabeth Bathory.

I’ve been wanting to do something Elizabeth Bathory based for a LONG time. (Was actually working on a screenplay about her… but that’s a whole other story.) So when Judi said she wanted to do something for Halloween, and was thinking about some kind of a “blood bath” thing… I knew this was my chance to test out some of my ideas!


Welcome to Regina Marie Photography

I am just so excited, (I get excited a lot, you'll get used to it), to welcome you all to Regina Marie Photography! 

I've dreamed of this business for over 8 years, and finally the stars have aligned, we've settled down, and I'm ready to rock and roll!


The Experience is for YOU

It’s easy to talk yourself out of something you want to do… Obligations are always calling, and as women we’ve been taught our needs are on the bottom of the list…


Even if you give him (or her) the images as a gift, the experience of the whole photo shoot is for YOU!


Behind the Scenes- Maternity Shoot with Christa

I know this isn't the best behind the scenes video, but it was also unexpected! 

When we went to do the shoot, Shane (my sister's beau), pulled out his new action camera!

"What a minute," I thought, "I have one of those in my camera bag!" I though it would be nice to at least share a little behind the scenes.